Castle Farm Care Home Welcomes Autumn with Beautifully Crafted Wreaths

Autumn Wreath Making

Castle Farm Care Home residents recently welcomed the autumn season with a burst of creativity and fun, thanks to the efforts of Activity Coordinator Jackie. Under her guidance, residents created stunning autumn wreaths to adorn their bedroom doors.

Using a variety of materials, including leaves, pinecones, ribbons, and other natural elements, the residents crafted beautiful wreaths to capture the essence of the season. The activity not only provided an opportunity for residents to engage in a fun and productive activity but also fostered a sense of community and togetherness.

The completed wreaths were displayed proudly, providing a warm and welcoming touch to the space. Their creation brought a sense of joy and accomplishment not only to the residents who made them but also to those who had the pleasure of admiring them.

At Castle Farm Care Home, we believe in providing opportunities for residents to engage in activities that bring them a sense of joy and purpose. Our commitment to supporting resident well-being is at the forefront of all our activities, and the autumn wreath-making activity is just one example of the many creative experiences we offer to our residents.

We extend our appreciation to Jackie and our residents for their enthusiasm and hard work in crafting these beautiful wreaths and look forward to showcasing their creative talents in future activities.

We believe a retirement home should be:

  • Where each person is an individual
  • Where there are no unnecessary rules and regulations
  • Where dignity, peace and comfort take priority
  • Where companionship, interest and activity flourishes.
  • And where people are supported to lead the fullest possible lives

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